Higher Yields.
Less Energy.

Monitor, control, and adjust your greenhouse

The best kind of climate change: controlled.

Atom Controllers provides powerful automation systems for indoor and greenhouse environments.

From single-zone greenhouses to multi-site agriculture operations, Atom enables the modern farm to consolidate dozens of analog systems, collect real-time data, and ensure healthy crops, all for less energy.

Solutions for any
grow scenario

Whether building new or retrofitting a current facility, Atom Controllers has you covered. The Atom Integrated in-line power unit is a turn-key contact panel control system for new builds, while the Atom Universal can sit on top of an existing system, giving you full control over any environment.

Install the unit for your needs
Set your auto-growth stages
Monitor and adjust as needed

Monitor Energy Use

Know what happens between the grid and the greenhouse.

Reduce your highest costs of ownership.

Grow On-the-Go with Atom Cloud

Set stages, make changes, and pull reports at any time, from anywhere.

Never feel out of the loop on your greenhouse again.


Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

Simple Unit Controls

Interact with the greenhouse in a whole new way.

All inside a weatherproof enclosure.

Easily Monitor Operations

Understand your entire operation from a simple overview.

Zone by zone, crop by crop, everything you need.

Set Climate Recipies

Be in control of every aspect of your grow.

Grow your crops, your way.

Atom Stages

Start Growing With Atom Today

Unlock the possibilities in your greenhouse.

Reach out and we’ll show you how.